Environmental protection

“DuoCondex” prevents tons of pollution from harming the environment

“DuoCondex” prevents tons of pollution from harming the environment

Pollutants recovered

Many industrial processes generate gaseous or vaporous pollutants. By cooling them down with cryogenic nitrogen, they can be liquefied and collected instead of releasing them to the atmosphere. With that in mind, Messer developed the DuoCondex process, which achieves a recovery rate of over 99.9 percent in most cases.

This technology is used in, among other things, the recycling of more than a million refrigerators per year, whereby the propellant gases (CFCs) bound up in the appliances’ insulating foam are released, liquefied in the DuoCondex unit, and then rendered harmless.

The DuoCondex process helps the chemical industry comply with emission limits while cutting costs through the reuse of the condensed materials. And our environment reaps the benefits: these recovery operations prevent the release of about 1,000 tons per year of ozone-damaging materials into the atmosphere with a greenhouse gas potential of 500,000 tons of CO2 equivalent.