Best supporting role

Welding technology for stage trusses


Stage shows are becoming more and more spectacular, and their technology is becoming increasingly elaborate. Huge banks of spotlights, gigantic loudspeaker towers, three-dimensional landscapes made of ramps and catwalks – all that equipment requires a secure support framework. And that’s precisely the support that truss systems made of welded aluminum pipe provide.

Aluminum offers high strength with light weight, is corrosion resistant and need not be painted. Depending on the system, there can be up to 20 sections of pipe per meter of truss. They are joined manually using the TIG shielding gas method (TIG = tungsten inert gas). Along with welding gases, this application also takes application engineering know-how. Suitable training courses keep welding specialists up to date on the latest technical developments.

And global celebrities like Pink and the Rolling Stones are not the only players who rely on the stability of welded trusses, by the way: such systems also perform key supporting roles at trade fairs and exhibitions, in industrial halls, and as interior architectonic elements.