Secure supply of medical gases for Covid patients

Secure supply of medical gases for Covid patients

Life-saving dedication

Artificial respiration with medical oxygen can save the life of patients suffering from Covid-19. During the pandemic, Messer acted quickly to provide additional medical oxygen for clinics and field hospitals in many affected countries.

Hospitals receive medical oxygen in liquid form, where it is stored in permanently installed tanks. In order to use it, the liquid oxygen must be warmed up and thereby evaporated by atmospheric temperature in a heat exchanger. It is then transferred via pipelines to intensive care units or operating rooms, where it can be dispensed.

As Covid-19 first spread during the early weeks of the pandemic, demand for medical oxygen increased in heavily impacted regions by as much as tenfold. At the same time, less affected countries also took steps to prepare for the pandemic, so the demand for medical oxygen also rose there as well. That’s why Messer increased gas production, added tanks and evaporators, and organized more transport – a tremendous challenge for everyone involved.

To protect our own employees from becoming infected by the virus – especially in gas production, filling and logistics facilities – multi-shift operation was implemented wherever possible. Suitable personal protective equipment was provided to drivers.