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Rapid freezing of ice cream

Pure indulgent pleasure

The Magnum ice creams from Unilever are given a crisp chocolate coating thanks to rapid freezing with liquid nitrogen. For this purpose, Messer has installed a new gas supply with ventilation system at the production facility in Veszprem, Hungary.

A uniform coating of ice can be achieved by short immersion in a bath of liquid nitrogen .

Ice cream can be given an even coating by briefly immersing it in a bath of liquid nitrogen. To do this, the uncoated ice cream is first immersed in liquid nitrogen until its surface has cooled to such an extent that when it is subsequently immersed in fruit-flavoured or chocolate sauce, the sauce freezes on quickly and evenly. Further alternating immersions in sauce and liquid nitrogen can be used to determine the thickness of the coating. The final liquid nitrogen bath supercools the finished ice cream sufficiently so as to facilitate packaging without smearing.

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